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MIDAS EVENT SUPPLY is pleased to provide the following resources to facilitate a positive and rewarding purchase and ownership experience. If you have a question that is not answered below, please call us directly at 888-250-3113 (ext 30) or email us at [email protected].

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A: Read about our TERMS & CONDITIONS of sale as well as available WARRANTIES here.

A: Midas Chiavari chairs are easy to assemble and are routinely assembled in less than 15 minutes each. Read or watch our print and video guide for ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS or call us for help at 1-888-250-3113 ext 30

A: The table configuration and the desired presentation will determine the linen orientation and size. Check our LINEN SIZING CHART to determine your options.

A: Midas conducts periodic independent laboratory testing of its products and testing its products for fitness at the factory level. For example, read about standard TESTING PROTOCOLS for our Revolution resin chair.

A: Midas accepts wires, ACH, Zelle, Money Order, Company Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Customers who anticipates repeat purchases and wish to open an account with Midas may do so by printing this CREDIT APPLICATION, filling it out, and sending it to the Midas Credit Department by emailing it to [email protected] or faxing it to (909) 390-5748. Our standard terms are Net 30 on approved credit.

A: Midas maintains a privacy policy that governs the use of any information secured as a result of a customer or prospective customer visiting our website. Read about our PRIVACY POLICY here. Prospective customers always have the option of phoning us directly to place an order at (888) 250-3113 ext 10.

A: We may be able to. Read about Midas and CUSTOM MANUFACTURING. We will help you directly or steer you in the right direction if the project is outside of our capabilities.

Customer Support

FAQs don’t answer your question(s)? Contact Midas customer service at (888) 250-3113 ext 30. Or use our convenient LIVE HELP facility on this website

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