Shipping Policy

  1. All internet orders received will be shipped within 2-3 business days if the item is in stock. If the item selected is not in stock, an email will be sent to the purchaser with an approximate delivery date. Should the purchaser wish to cancel the order, we will arrange it at no charge.
  2. Anticipated shipping costs for different shipping modes will be displayed as options during checkout. These shipping costs are calculated using a freight API that interfaces with the rating databases at UPS, FedEx & common carrier APIs. While great care was taken in the design and execution of this auto rating system, rating algorithms can sometimes result in errors. If the rate returned for a specific purchase seems questionable, please call us at (888) 250-3113 ext 30 or email us at [email protected], for a freight quote.
  3. When you choose UPS or FedEx, we will determine which package carrier to use but will honor whatever rate is returned on our website. When you select a common carrier, we will honor the rate provided but reserve the right to select the transport carrier accordingly.
  4. We are not able to ship to Post Office boxes unless those are accessible by UPS or FedEx drivers.
  5. All shipments are from our Ontario, California warehouse.

Approximate delivery transit times to major cities by area of the country;

  • Intra- California: 1-2 business day from date of shipment
  • West Coast/adjacent states to CA: 2-3 business days from date of shipment
  • Mid-West/South Central: 3-4 business days from date of shipment
  • East Coast: 4-5 business days from date of shipment

Please allow a minimum of an additional 1-2 days for rural points as major carriers often interline shipments to smaller carriers that service specific rural areas.